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Custom Wig Styling at our Wig Store in Chicago

Wig Styling Services at Our Wig Store in Chicago - Custom Wigs for Every Occasion.

 Take a look inside our wig store on Milwaukee Ave. We have a large selection of costuming wigs but an even larger stock of realistic wigs for everyday use.

We stock 10,000 + pieces of human hair, wigs, wiglets, 3/4 caps and more!

Our wig showroom location and hours:

4065 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60641
Monday - Saturday: 9:30AM - 9:00PM
Sunday: 11AM - 5PM

Fantasy Costumes Wig Shop - Our History 

We've been selling and styling wigs for decades. The store got its roots in wigs back in the mid-to-late 1960's as owner George Garcia provided medical wigs to women suffering hair loss. He soon expanded his selection of hairpieces and wigs, covering all styles, looks and materials. Our wig showroom is housed inside our 20,000 square foot costume superstore located at 4065 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL. We feature a full-service wig styling boutique with over 10,000 pieces of hair, wigs and wig care accessories. We also sell most of our wigs online, though visiting our store is really the way to go if you live in the Chicagoland area. Our wig showroom brings in a variety of customers. Some are looking for natural hair replacement solutions while others are looking to recreate characters from fiction or lost eras.

Types of wigs we carry in store

We stock hundreds of styles of wigs in-store. Please visit our online wig page to get an idea of the types of products we carry. The wigs listed online are our less expensive options often used for costuming. In-store we carry high quality, everyday wigs. We will be updating this page with photos of these wigs shortly. In the meantime, here is a brief overview of the wigs we carry in our boutique.

Classic, machine made wigs

Capless wig that is more breathable than other types of wigs. Less ability to customize the style but affordable and natural looking.

Monofilament, realistic wigs

Individual hairs are place on a clear cap which gives the look of hair growing directly from your head. These are more expensive than machine made wigs due to the extra level of craftsmanship. They are very realistic looking wigs.

Hand tied cap wigs

Hand tied monofilament wigs are give you the most natural looking hair. The hairs are hand tied onto the cap which is usually a piece of soft lace fabric. 

Lace front wigs

These wigs are similar to other monofilament wigs, giving you a natural looking hairstyle. The added lace front weave lets you push your hair back from your face, giving you a more flexible wig for various hair styles.

Kind reviews from a few of our customers

a customer tries on a wig before styling"I could spend days hanging out and trying on wigs and costumes at this one of a kind costume shop. 29000 sq ft of awesomeness. They have everything you could dream of and more. Fantasy Costume is a the world's best costume destination. I imagine that theater companies love it too. They own a city block on Chicago's north side, offer classes in all kinds of things year round. Great costume makeup area; masks and props. Wig enthusiasts won't have any trouble finding an amazing selection of both human hair and synthetic. Huge are of decorations for your yard, home or event. Great prices, fab customer service...they all know their stuff. Give your self plenty of time. You'll get lost in the wonderment! - Cindy K.

"This place was amazing. I'm a big fan of wigs and they have a large selection to choose from. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgable. Thanks Fantasy Costumes, I'll be back!"- Kelley F.


Therapeutic hair and medical wigs

If you're experiencing short or long-term hair loss, we have high quality hair solutions to maintain and enhance your natural look. Our human hair wigs can be cut, dyed and styled to match your style or give you a whole new one. If you're looking for comfortable, chic wigs - we've got them. Let our experienced hair stylists craft the perfect look for you.


Wig styling for cosplayers

True cosplayers know costume contests are won with the hair and makeup. We excel in both areas and our expert stylists can give you picture perfect hairstyles that bring characters to life. Just show us a comic book, photo, or video on your phone and we'll craft the look.


Stylish, everyday wigs for sale

We have wigs that fit any budget, style or mood. If you're looking for costume wigs and other hair accessories, take a look at our wig page to get an idea of prices and selection.

An interview with owner George Garcia and wig stylist Zee Spagnolo

Wig Showroom Interview Transcript:

George Garcia (owner): Actually how we got started was, this used to be a wig shop and we used to sell 100 wigs a day for chemo patients, regular hair. So we started doing wigs for Halloween for three days, we stayed open day and night. We had three people working 12 hour shifts and they could style wigs up that you could buy and rent at that time, that's over 30 years ago.

We have two or three wig stylists here that can style anything and that's what really makes the costume, actually.

Zee (wig stylist): Right now I'm working on a project, this lady wants to have her hair look like this (holds up photo of fantasy character) and she wants it made. So that's what I'm doing. I've been doing hair since I was 17 but I worked here for a few years doing hair for the store. (sprays hair spray on wig). Styling hair on someone's hair has to be almost perfect. Doing a wig, you know, you can get away with a little bit of flaws. Doing hair for a customer it's got to look good, it's got to feel good, it's got to last. Like she'll only probably wear this wig one time. You still have it look nice. Usually it doesn't take too long, I could probably do this in about 45 minutes.

Now I'll take this all apart and re-do it again, because I need to have some sort of base from teasing and hair spray. When it comes in out of the box, the wig is too silky. So I do a rough draft like this and then I take it apart and then it will be easier to work with to give it a smoother look. It's fun! We always have a lot of fun even though we're working.