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When you want to sport that rock star look or add an air of sophistication to your costume, wigs play an important role in getting it right! We have a wide selection of wigs accessories that will help you portray an aristocrat straight from the 18th century or a stylish 70s movie star. From mullets and bobs to pixies and afros, you will find different types of wigs to complement your outfit!

Wigs are all about adding more personality to your costume! So, if you are planning to wear an outrageously funny costume, complete your look with our Clown Wig Green Bald and Curly that’s sure to make heads turn wherever you go! For a sexy and saucy look, choose from our exciting selection of women’s wigs that will make you go va va voom. 

At Fantasy Costume, you will find a wig for people of all ages and for all occasions including Halloween parties, film, events, or stage. So, if your little one wants those beautiful Cinderella locks to go with her princess costume, get the Cinderella Wig Child Size to accentuate that enchanted look.  Don’t forget to check out our classic wigs section to find a wide range of funny, sexy, and ethereal wigs to go with your classic costumes. With Fantasy Costume, you will never have a bad hair day!

Fifty years ago, Fantasy Costumes got its start selling wigs.  While, over the years, it has greatly expanded to carrying over a million items in stock at its block-long store in Chicago, it has an expertise in wigs unrivaled by anyone.

 The sheer number and variety of wigs stocked is amazing … aisle after aisle in the store, and type after type in the catalog.  Of course, the right wig is usually the thing which “makes” a costume so picking the best wig is essential for creating a character.  Not only do we have a wide array of “specific” wigs, but there are “general” hair styles for other looks perhaps not directly linked to the source material (such as a graphic novel as opposed to a movie).

Some examples are “Beatles” wigs, a Princess Fiona (from Shrek) wig, a Beetlejuice wig, a George Washington wig, a Dorothy (from Wizard of Oz) wig, an Edward Scissorhands wig, a Betty Boop wig, an Albert Einstein wig, a Julius Caesar wig, an Elvira wig, a Princess Leia wig, a Bride of Frankenstein wig, a Geisha wig, a Greaser wig, and various “hippie”, “surfer”, “clown”, “witch”, and historical period wigs, aside from standard hair styles in many colors.

If you're looking to complete a particular costume, cosplay, or character look, the pros at Fantasy Costumes can get you into the the right wig to make that the best possible portrayal.  And, because we're one of the largest retailers in the country, if we don't have it in stock, we'll be able to order it in for you.