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Hey pretty lady! Unleash your deepest desires and be what you want to be with our exotic range of women’s costumes that will make you dazzle and shine. Whether you are looking for costume ideas for a fancy party, office function or Halloween gig, Fantasy Costumes can help you play the role of a beautiful princess, provocative Pirate woman, tempting vixen, or sexy Vampiress with ease. Regardless of what you have in mind – sexy, sweet, sassy, playful or wicked, we have the perfect women’s costumes to get you into the real character.

Some women still lurk in the fairytale world and have a girlish desire to be the princess or fairy in the storybooks, while others love to be the show stealer of the event with a sassy costume that will enhance their assets and make men go crazy. At Fantasy Costumes, we have the right outfits for the working woman, dreamy lass, fun loving wives, moms-to-be and sexy sirens!

Some of our best sellers are the Snow Couple Adult Christmas Sweater, Playboy Devilish Hottie Costume, and Cupid Costume Sexy. Dress up in style with our exotic range of women’s Fairy costumes, women’s Sexy Halloween Costumes and lots more to accentuate your assets, camouflage your flaws and get ready to make them go ‘wow’! 

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