Blue Wigs

Brown, black, red and blond are great hair colors. They're natural and they come in all kinds of gnarly shades. But sometimes traditional wig colors don’t cut it. Maybe the character you’re dressing as has a very specific and unnatural hair color. Maybe you want a wig in your absolute favorite color of all time, or maybe you just want to try something wild, wacky and different. Whatever your reason, we have colors to suit every wig fantasy, including some striking blue wigs.

Blue has been found by way of science to be very easy on the eyes, which may be why it's so many people's favorite color. The 2017 Hollywood remake of “It” based on Stephen King’s classic novel has clowns worried about people not wanting their services anymore. Here, however, we're sure clowns will always be a beloved costume choice. That’s why we also offer blue clown wigs in addition to the traditional red wigs clowns are known for. Our beautiful blue Afro clown wig looks cheery and happy, but perhaps it hides a sinister mind. Maybe you want to play an older clown - a real trooper who keeps going all through the years. If that's the case, our blue, balding clown wig may be perfect.

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    Wig Clown Afro Blue

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