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Costume Rentals Chicago and Online

We're your best source for costume rentals. Local pickup in Chicago and nationwide delivery available.

We have an enormous selection of costumes available for rent that we provide out of our huge warehouse in Chicago, IL. For local pickup, we're located in the Portage Park neighborhood conveniently just off Irving Park road on Milwaukee Avenue. If you're in the Chicagoland area you can easily get to our store and check out all our costumes available for rent.

Don't live in Chicago? We ship costumes online, too!

Need something special for a birthday party but your local party store doesn't have anything? We can ship rental costumes easily to your location through a variety of shipping methods. The easiest thing to do is give us a call and talk with our costume rental specialists.

How much does it cost to rent a costume?

This really depends on what you're looking for and how many days you need to rent the costume for. We have tons of rentals available from $55 - $250 for 3 day rentals. Higher quality, more features usually means an increase in price, but give us a call to work out the details.

Why rent a costume?

Sometimes it just makes sense to rent. If you need a one-time costume or something higher end for occasional use, then renting a costume is a good move. We offer plenty of costumes for purchase, but our rentals tend to be more theatrical quality and wouldn't fit into a casual costume buyer's budget. For example, we have one of the most authentic Stormtrooper costumes available to buy for $850. But you can rent it at a fraction of what it costs to purchase. If you're a cosplayer or a LARP regular, then you might see more value in buying or DIY building your costume. But if your kid wants a Stormtrooper at his birthday party next week, renting is the smartest move!

View some of our Rentals!

Please call us to check availability! Not everything is online.

If you're renting costumes for the holidays especially, including Halloween, reserving a costume is going to be the smart move. Though we stock hundreds of rentals, they get booked fast. We're happy to help you over the phone to secure a costume for your special event. We strive to keep our website updated but due to our inventory of 1,000,000+ items, it can be difficult. Please call and we can provide our full inventory over the phone.

Call Us to Discuss Your Rental Options!
Local @ 1-773-777-0222
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4065 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 60641

In a Hurry? Download our Costume Rental Flyer PDF.

We have too many to list, please call 773-777-0222 (ask for the rental department) to get the full selection.

That was just the beginning, we have 300+ categories of rentals including...

Thanksgiving costume rentals showing a turkey mascot


Turkeys, settlers, pilgrims, Native Americans and more.

Costume rentals featuring a santa suit

Santa Claus / Christmas

We have a wide range of Santa costumes for rent to fit and price point.

easter bunny mascot rental costume

Easter Bunny Costume Rentals

Realistic, cartoony, pink and blue. Any bunny you can think of, we've got it!

Christmas costume rentals showing a snowman costume for rent


Our Snowman costumes are perfect for family gatherings or work Christmas parties!

Spiderman costume for rent

Comic Book Characters

Jump off the page and into some serious web slinging fun with our affordable comic book character costumes for rent.

Professional Batman costume rentals in our superhero collection


Going to a movie premiere? Halloween? Cosplaying without all the prep? You'll look like you're straight out of the movies in these rentals.

Halloween costume rentals available all year round

Halloween Costume Rentals

We have Halloween costumes for purchase and rent all year round!

KISS costume, rock and roll band costume rental image

Rock and Roll / Musical Rentals

KISS costumes and other rock and roll music legends are waiting for you.

Stormtrooper costume rental authentic movie quality Star Wars costume for rent

Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume Rentals

Movie quality Stormtrooper costumes available for rent.

Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Rental

Darth Vader Costume Rentals

Show off your dark side in a Darth Vader theater quality movie costume.

Sports Costumes for Rent

Sports Costumes for Rent

Sports mascots, player and referee costumes available for rent.

Alien from Outer Space rental costume

Outer Space / Aliens

Seriously spooky aliens and brave astronaught costume rentals.

Police offer costume for rent

Police Officers

The boys in blue are back in town with our police officer costume rentals.

Firefighter costume rentals


Great for Halloween or theater purposes.

Military themed costume rentals

Military / Army

Military themed mascot costumes and solider outifts for rent.

Medieval Knights

Be a knight in shining armor with these medieval costume rentals.

Professional theater quality king costume rentals

King / Queen

Long live the king! Our medieval king costumes will leave you feeling royally cool.

Man and woman holding hands in renaissance faire outfits

Renaissance Outfits for Rent

Mens and womens rental costumes for Renaissance festivals, fairs and Halloween.

Disney / Minion Costume for Rent

Disney / Minion Costumes

Disney and Minon rental costumes.

Mariachi outfits and day of the dead costumes for rent

Mariachi Outfits

The Day of the Dead or general Mariachi suit rentals.

Food and beverage costumes for rent showing a woman in a grape suit

Food & Beverage Costumes

Who's hungry? We have tons of food and beverage related costumes.

Dinosaur costume for rent from cartoon to realistic

Dinosaur / Prehistoric

Dinosaur costumes for rent from cartoony to realistic.

Couples costumes for rent showing a man and woman as a plug and outlet

Couples Rental Costumes

Couples themed costume rentals.

Clown costumes for rent

Clown Costumes

Clown costumes to rent for birthday parties and Halloween.

Animal costume for rent including the elephant costume shown here

Animal Costumes

Hundreds of animal costumes from birds, dogs, cats, snakes, pink gorillas you name it.

Cartoon costumes featuring Scooby Doo character Fred

Cartoon Characters

Classic characters from cartoons within the last 50 years.