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Costume Accessories - Hats, Wigs, Makeup & Much More!

No costume is complete without the right set of accessories to complement it. What fun is an angel costume without the wings and the halo; or an Elvis outfit without his trademark sunglasses and wigs? Ranging from the basic costume accessories that go with all kinds of fantasy outfits to the costume theme accessories to recreate that extraordinary character-specific look, we have all the right kind of accessories to make your dress go from being drab to fab!

There’s no denying the fact that accessories can make or break a dress, however they are often overlooked or considered insignificant when putting together a costume for a special event. But as they say, big things come in small packages and this is true in case of costume accessories because a small mask or wig can make all the difference. 

The basic costume accessories such as scarves, belts, hats are essential when you are planning a fun night out. However, when you are looking for accessories to accentuate your theme costume for Halloween or Christmas party, you would need some dramatic stuff like that can infuse life into the fancy outfits. We have some special theme accessories like the Angry Birds Red Bird Vinyl Mask and the Spanish Conquistador Helmet that can be worn by people of all ages.  Go ahead and pick the right accessories from our extensive range to add that extra zing to your costume! 

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