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A King needs his crown, the princess her tiara, and the cowboy his hat! You may wear a great costume, but it’s your face that makes the first impression and to be the showstopper of an event, you need a dramatic headgear or hat to go with your outfit.  If you wish to be a special character, hats can help you achieve that perfect look.

A pirate costume for example will not create the same effect without the pirate hat, and the showgirl outfit will not be as sensual without the feather headpiece that we relate with the Las Vegas stage. And wonder were Darth Vader would be without his hat?

At Fantasy Costumes, we believe that clothes don't make the man but the perfect accessories sure can and hats are one of the absolute essentials! Our wide range of costume hats and toppers accessories includes Children's hats for your little one who wants to look like a princess or a magician.

Tickle people’s funny bone with the Cone Head Prop or add that adventurous Old West appeal to your costume with cowboy hats such as the classic Cowboy Hat Felt. Hats off to the Fantasy Costume for the finest selection of hats and headpieces ever found on the web!

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