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There are plenty of reasons someone would want to wear a wig. The biggest reason, of course, is for a costume. Long wigs, specifically, are great if you want to make your hair appear longer, or if you need your hair to do something it won't do naturally. There are lots of characters that would be tough to pull off without the help of a realistic looking long wig. Think about trying to dress as a pirate or a Jamaican dude with dreadlocks without one; it would definitely take away from the costume.

But wigs are also useful for someone trying out a new color or hairstyle because they don’t have to commit to it. If you’re worried that a particular hair color, such as blonde, will be too dramatic of a change for your natural black hair, just buy a wig to try it out. Our long wigs also will give you an idea of what you would look like with longer hair if you’re thinking about getting hair extensions. And if you’re thinking about dying your hair a color that’s less traditional, we have crazy-colored wigs for you to try out as well. Once you buy a wig, you’ll be able to wear it around and get feedback. And who knows, you maybe even decide to commit to whatever style or color you’re trying out!

Shop long wigs for men and women. We also have a full wig salon in our Chicago store for your styling needs.