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If you have ever dreamed of being your favorite TV or Movie character, a mask is your best bet. Maybe you want to dress as your favorite superhero - or villain? Or maybe you want to dress as your favorite politician? A mask will allow you to look just like them in mere seconds. There is no need to duck into a phone booth to make a costume change; just put on your mask and you are instantly in character.

Of course, wearing your favorite character’s entire costume might be your dream, but often wearing a mask is your best and easiest option. Your boss might frown on you for coming in dressed completely as Batman or Beetlejuice, but with a mask, you can slip into character while remaining dressed in your normal everyday clothes. And when you have to meet a client, just take off the mask and be yourself - literally.  

Masks are extremely versatile; they can be an addition to a costume or worn on their own. Regardless how you choose to use your mask, all you have to do is slip it over your head to jump right into your favorite character.

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