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Kids Costumes

Costumes and accessories for Halloween, school dress-up days, birthday parties and more.

kids dressed up in costumes for Halloween

We make it easy for parents to find costumes for their kids, all year long!

As a parent, you've got a lot on your plate. Let us help you find the perfect costume for your child's special day. Our children's costume sizes range from a few months old up to mid-teens so you're guaranteed to find the right size and style you're looking for at our online store.

With the runaway success of Pokemon Go, what kid doesn't want to dress up like Pikachu for Halloween this year? We have a nice assortment of Pokemon costumes waiting to make your child's day. But why save dressing up for one time a year? We're one of the only costume stores that regularly updates inventory all year round. That makes us a great place to shop for your kids' birthday party outfits, school dress up day and holiday costumes throughout the year. But let's go back to Halloween for a second. From being the Superhero who always gets it right and saves the planet from forces of evil to being the beautiful princess straight out of the exotic fairytales, there’s no limit to what your child can be. At Fantasy Costumes we are committed to turning those dreams into reality and we have the massive shop inventory to make it happen.

Our costumes for children are broken out into several categories to make it easier to shop online.

We have boys costumes for your sons and nephews. We have a wide assortment of girls costumes for your daughter and niece. But if your little lady isn't into being Princess Leia and has her heart set on being a Stormtrooper, it's worth looking in the boy's section too. We stock a ton of unisex costumes that may not be in both areas online. If your child is a few months old to only a handful of years old, you can find all of our smaller sized costumes in for babies, infants and toddlers. Trust us, we know teens can be difficult, which is why we have a generous selection of costumes for teens that will suite any mood.

Every kid has a favorite character from a cartoon show, toy, comic book or movie. We have a huge selection of classic costumes and add new ones weekly to our inventory. We let your little guy realize his dream of being the powerful super hero, the world famous rock star, the adventurous pirate, blood sucking vampire or anything that he wishes to be. For your little princess we have the perfect costumes for girls to transform her into Snow White lost in the jungle, Cinderella ready for the ball, or a little mermaid.