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Halloween parties and themed parties are nothing without good costumes. But many times, costumes need the right wigs to complete them. If your own hair can be adapted to accurately portray an old-school Hollywood actor or historical character, that's great. But most people need a good pre-styled wig to pull off just the right look.

Sometimes it's fun to change things up a bit from the usual stream of modern superheroes, cartoon characters and public figures. If you're looking to try dipping into the past for your next costume party, or just wanting a personal costume-making challenge for yourself, try one of our time period wigs to add that final touch of realism to whichever era you’re trying to represent. Hairstyle is one of the key factors used to distinguish different time periods. What would a greaser outfit be without a 1950s wig to properly represent the era? And a hippie from the 1960s must have long, stringy hair with some type of head band.

We have wigs for many different styles and people of the past, both real and fictitious. If you've always wanted to play a monk or a friar, we've got you covered with a bald-capped wig. And if you have a thing for America’s Founding Fathers - or members of England’s parliament in the Pre-Revolutionary War period - we have wigs for them too. No matter which time period you want to represent at the next costume party you go to, be sure to do it justice by wearing the perfect wig.