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Two’ company, three’s a party at Fantasy Costumes! We have the perfect outfits for couples looking for a fun way to coordinate their costumes and groups of family and friends wanting to show off their unity by wearing similar outfits. Our exotic range of Group and Couple Costumes has something for everyone to make Halloween parties or fancy dress events merrier.

Couple costumes may be fun and eccentric or inspired by the historical or movie characters. From the outrageously funny and comical characters to condiments, couples are sure to find something interesting from our selection of Group and Couple Costumes. Some of our best sellers are the classic Adam & Eve Costume Set Adult Std and the spicy Mustard Costume Adult Std.

Dressing up in group costumes is real fun and is sure to be an attention grabbing gig. One orange costume is funny but a whole bunch can be highly amusing. An Elvis costume is good, but what about an entire group dressed like the King of Rock and Roll?!? We have different themes for our Group and Couple Costumes such as Hippie and Disco Costumes and Vampire Costumes, so whether you want to be funny, creepy, or playful, we have you covered!


Whether you are looking for a wife/husband, brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend costumes or outfits for your extended family and friends, you’ll find them here! 

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