Wig Clown Afro Blue


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What kind of fancy dress shop would we be if we didn’t offer our afro clown wigs in any other colour than traditional red? This incredible Blue Clown Afro Wig is a fantastic find! Not only is it a cool and slightly creepy take on the iconic red afro, it is also something that can be unique to you and your character. So whatever clown you want to bring to life, famous or make-believe, you’ve found a statement afro wig that will ensure you stand out amongst the other party goers. The afro wig benefits from a comical look that will suit almost any occasion. You might want to recreate the terrifying bathroom-dwelling clown from the horror movie, “IT” or you may just be looking for something a little bit different for your friend’s costume party. It’s great for Halloween because we don’t know about you, but there has always been something a little bit spooky about a clown wig and a face full of makeup! The wig has been crafted using only the finest wig fibres so you can rest assured that it is of professional quality. It benefits from the high-quality materials you’d expect from a professional-grade product with all the appeal of a traditional party piece. Whatever the occasion, whether it’s casual or corporate this clown wig will not let you down. It is even suitable for professional use so if you entertain for a living then you won’t be disappointed in the quality of this wig. It boasts a vibrant bright blue color and features the traditional tight woven clown curls that so often feature in a wig of this kind. We pride ourselves on only carrying the best wigs, masks, costumes and party props so you can rely on us for durability as well as style. The wig is not only incredible on the eye but it is comfortable to wear too. It will slip on easily and sit snugly against your hairline without being restrictive at all.