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It’s time to go totally traditional with your costume and opt for our Red Clown Afro Wig for your next party or event. There’s nothing more notorious or easily recognised than this iconic red afro clown wig, so there’ll be no questioning what you’ve come to the party dressed as and there certainly won’t be any shy eyes in the house as you walk into the room! It’s fantastic for every event - whether it’s Halloween and you want to opt for a spooky clown costume or it’s a friend’s birthday and you’re going to go for the more traditional painted-face and vibrant clothes ensemble. You could even use it for a professional event or corporate event. This professional-grade wig will suit amateurs and those who entertain for a living. It’s sure to be a fantastic addition to your fancy dress collection. Here at Fantasy Costumes, we pride ourselves on only carrying the most high-quality party pieces. Whether that’s a wig, a mask, a costume or a party prop you can rely on durability as well as style when you shop with us. Our favourite pastime is dressing up so we know what makes a memorable costume and this red clown afro wig is no exception. It is a traditional design that fits snugly against your existing hairline without being restrictive - so you can rest easy throughout your event knowing it will stay put. It is easy to put on and off and can be coordinated perfectly with the right colorful makeup and a bright red nose to top it all off. We know clowning around is on the cards and we know you’re going to love this particularly clown wig, because unlike other wigs on the market ours are long-lasting. You can wear and enjoy this one again and again.