Wig Clown Afro Yellow


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Pimp out your clown costume this year and go for our Yellow Clown Afro Wig. Not only will it make an awesome addition to any fancy dress collection, it will also ensure you and your mate don’t end up wearing the same outfit to your friend’s fancy dress party! We love this vibrant wig for any occasion - whether it’s Halloween and you want to recreate a horror movie or it’s a party that requires you make that little bit of extra effort - this wig is the perfect party piece and we are confident you are going to love it. It would even be suitable for color festivals like Mardi Gras thanks to its striking bright yellow hue. The clown wig is styled in the traditional clown afro so that there will be no confusing your outfit with anyone else. It’s perfect for those parties that you want to make a great impression at but want to put in minimal effort - all that’s needed is a face of colourful makeup and a bright red nose. Here at Fantasy Costumes we only carry the highest quality wigs, masks and costumes so you can rest assured that when you buy one of our party pieces you are investing in quality as well as durability. You’ll be able to enjoy this wig again and again thanks to its fine construction, manufactured using only the best wig fibres so that it looks authentic as well as professional. This wig would even suit professional and corporate environments - if you entertain for a living then you won’t be disappointed in this afro clown wig. Don’t forget the bright red nose and red lips and you’ve got a classic party outfit that your friends will all recognise. This yellow afro wig is a necessity for your clown costume.