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Dressing up in a costume should never be taken too seriously; it should be fun and enjoyable. And since you're likely already going to have a hoot dressing up, you should at least look at the most hysterical choices available. What occasion calls for dressing up without asking for a little bit of comedy, anyway?

It can be boring and predictable to go for costumes that are overused. If you want your costume to stand out, one strategy is to focus more on the funny factor. You can put a smile on anyone's face by dressing up as a human-sized M&M. You also can draw attention to yourself by dressing up as a pack of chewing gum. Some of our other hilarious costume options include a movie theater popcorn tub, a Spam can, a beer mug, a crayon box, a potato chip can and even a shower curtain! If you want to show others that you can think outside the box and make fun of yourself at the same time, nothing will serve you better than wearing a costume meant to make others laugh.

Funny costumes can lighten the mood at all types of events; they're terrific for Halloween parties and other holiday celebrations throughout the year. They're also great for festivals, parades and film openings. If you want to dress up in a costume that people don't see often - or ever - look no further; we've got you covered, no matter what your taste in humor may be.

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