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Synthetic Wigs

A good wig can be a game changer if you’re facing hair loss or just want a different look. Today synthetic wigs offer a variety of styles including bobs, pixies and tousled looks. Synthetic wigs also come in an endless variety of colors and textures including straight, wavy or curly as well as lengths to suit your personal preferences. The choice of one offers you quite a few benefits.

Reasons to buy synthetic wigs

Lower cost compared to human hair

Real Look and Feel

Gone are the days when these wigs were thought to look fake. Modern technology has rendered them almost identical to wigs using human hair and often you can’t tell the difference between the two. Synthetic wigs are manufactured through a chemical process and fashioned in advance so they don’t lose their shape. They are perfectly styled straight out of the box. You immediately have a wig that’s ready to wear at once.

Easy Maintenance

Upkeep is easy. The wig can be washed in mild shampoo then thoroughly rinsed. A quick shake will restore its style. No curlers or pins are needed. Occasionally a leave-in conditioner may be added for softness and shine. Many of these wigs can be heat styled with a curling iron or straightened for added versatility, but not all of them. Make sure you choose a synthetic wig that lends itself to heat styling and use specific wig care products, not just ordinary shampoo.


These wigs are a good choice for when you want to change your look or experiment with a different hair style. (Bangs anyone?) If you’ve ever thought about changing your hair color a synthetic wig is a safe way to go. Dealing with humidity? There’s never a bad hair day. This kid of wig is not susceptible to effects from high humidity such as frizz. Need a look for a special occasion? Again, there’s no problem.

Cap Varieties

Synthetic wigs come with a choice of caps including lace front, which gives a natural-looking hairline. They are also available with monofilament caps, which feature strands that are hand tied to a base of thin, ventilated fabric so you can keep cool while wearing your wig. Like wigs made from human hair, a synthetic wig can be tweaked with a quick visit to your hair stylist for a more customized look and fit.

One Note: A synthetic wig will not last as long as one made from natural hair, but can be kept looking good with proper care. With the low cost, you can afford to buy more than one in the same style or something completely different.