Wig Care Accessories - Washing & Styling | Custom Wigs Chicago

We stock plenty of shampoos, caps and wig styling accessories for home use. Wigs are an essential fashion accessory in the wardrobe of many people. Whether they are worn for costuming, a night on the town, or everyday errands, wigs allow you to quickly change your hair color and style and easily as you change clothes. However, wigs require proper maintenance and care to ensure that they look their best. Listed below are wig care accessories that are essential to keeping your wig clean and beautiful.

Wig Shampoo

Just as you wash your hair on a regular basis, you should also wash your wig on a regular basis. A proper cleansing ensures that bad odors from sweat, pollution, and cigarette smoke are eliminated. Although the frequency of a wig shampoo may vary depending on where and how often you wear your wig, it is suggested human hair wigs are washed every ten to twelve wearings. Because synthetic wigs do not absorb odors and dirt as easily as human hair wigs, they can be worn up to fifteen times without requiring a washing.

There are wig shampoo products on the market that are specifically made for human hair or synthetic hair wigs. It is important to choose the correct product for your wig type to ensure that the hair or fibers of the wig are not broken or damaged. Dry wig shampoos are also available. They are best used to quickly remove odors and undesired shine although they will not provide a deep cleanse. Dry wig shampoos are not a substitute for standard wig shampoos. Using a wire-tooth wig comb, remove tangles and dirt prior to washing your wig, then carefully follow the product directions to ensure that your wig will be as good as new.

Wig Caps

Wig caps serve many purposes with wig care. They help to protect the wig from dirt, perspiration, and oils that may accumulate on the scalp while wearing a wig for an extended amount of time. They also ensure that the hair underneath the wig is secured and flattened to the scalp, providing a better fit and a more natural look. Wig caps come in many colors to match your natural hair. Those with shorter hair may prefer a lighter weight mesh style wig cap while those with longer or thicker hair may opt for caps with a tighter fabric weave that provides a stronger hold. Wig caps can be worn as is or secured with hair pins if needed.

Wig Adhesives

Wig adhesives are used to secure the wig in place. They provide stability for the wig and create a natural looking hairline. Wig tape is appropriate for all types of wigs. It is a double sided hypoallergenic tape that is applied at the hairline prior to wearing the wig. Liquid wig adhesive is ideal for lacefront wigs that require invisible stabilization and hold. When applied properly, liquid wig adhesive provides a strong hold while being unnoticeable.

Proper wig maintenance extends the life of your wig. With proper care, you’ll enjoy years of use.