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We've been selling and styling beautiful, high quality and affordable wigs to women in the Chicago area for 50 years. Our selection of wigs are the perfect way to make a beautiful statement. Whether you decide to wear them because of concerns about hair loss, or if you want to wear them to just have a change of pace, there is certainly a wig out there to fit any style. For more information and to contact us, please visit our wig store page.

Here are some things to consider when you want to purchase a wig.

Short, Medium, or Long?

There are just as many lengths to wigs are there are lengths of hair. A wig can be a great way to change your hairstyle a little, especially if you want to go from shorter to longer. It allows for various styles to be achieved, so knowing what length you want can really define the look of the wig you are going for. However, a key thing to remember with this decision is if you want to have the wig cut to another length or to be trimmed to fit your face, then you are better off going with something a little longer.

Flatter Yourself

Once you have considered what length you would like to go with, the next decision would be how to go about making it fit your style. Some womens wigs come already established into a specific style and color, so the work can very well be done for you ahead of time. It would be wise to make certain the look flatters your face and your style. Some wigs can be altered, but it can mean incurring some additional cost and time as a hairdresser would have to work with you to find the right fit overall.

All the Shades

Looking at wigs does not only mean finding the right length and cut. It also means finding what compliments your skin tone. Some shades of blonde, brown, and red only flatter certain skin shades. You do not want to wear something that will make you look pale or, heaven forbid, orange. If possible, to avoid these mishaps, it would work best to try on a few styles and colors first. However, if you know certain color works, then go ahead and look for it right away. Then again, if you want something a little more outlandish, you can also find wigs in wild colors for special occasions or a change of pace, too.

Real or Synthetic?

There are multiple choices for the material wigs are made of, too. Two of the biggest choices are wigs made from real hair or synthetic hair. Both options can be made into many styles, but real hair can handle heat and products a little bit better than synthetic options. At the same time, synthetic wigs can be a lot cheaper than the real thing. Therefore, you might want to take into consideration the wear and tear on the wig and your wallet.

Owning a wig can mean so many things for different women. It can be liberating to own one, so long as it fits you and your style in every way.