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There are two types of human hair wigs. Human hair wigs can be created by a machine or done by hand. If they're done by hand, they're typically lace wigs. The wigs created by machines aren't as realistic compared to wigs that are handmade but they tend to be more affordable. Human hair wigs make ideal everyday hair replacement wigs.

Wigs that are done by machine are the most common wigs that are worn. The hair is sewn into stretchable material that has head straps to adjust tightness.

Lace wigs are becoming popular, and they're some of the most realistic wigs that you can find. Lace wigs will be partial or full. If it's partial lace, the front will be partial, and the rest of the wig will be attached to a stretching material. Each strand of hair is stitched into these wigs to create a more realistic look.

Lace wigs are the most comfortable wigs that you can find. Most wigs make your scalp itch, but lace wigs don't. Lace wigs are more expensive, but it's worth the extra money.

Remy human hair wigs are the best quality that you can find. These types of wigs have the original cuticle. All of the cuticles are aligned to be facing a certain way to prevent tangling, matting and knots.

A human hair wig needs to be washed and maintained just like natural hair. It isn't recommended to bleach wigs because it'll damage the hair. Unlike most synthetic wigs, you can style a human hair wig with a curling or straightening iron.

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