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White Chicken Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size.  Rental $95.00 Security $300.00 Roald Dahls adorable tale of €˜The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me brought the beloved image of the pelican to millions worldwide, and now you too can capture it with this wonderful pelican mascot! Perfect for any occasion you can conceive of, its admittedly a rather sunshiny, summery suit but you're not just limited to warm-weather occasions! Whether you're planning a parade, a promotional event, a sporting competition or something else entirely, rest assured this premium-quality pelican mascot costume will be everything you need and more. All the professional-grade mascot suits sold by Fantasy Costumes absolutely among the best you'll find on todays market are made with freedom of movement and ease of use in mind, so they're as convenient and comfortable as they come. One size fits most adults there's plenty of room, and a full range of motion from walking to dancing is possible. Craftsmanship and care are the main motivators in the making of these suits; unlike many cheaper imitations, you can rest assured that there's no risk of embarrassing rips or awkward transparency. The jumpsuit-style body has a relaxed fit, and makes it easy to put on and take off the costume; separate hands and feet also facilitate a highly ergonomic design. The large over-the-head mask is not only friendly and attractive, but it allows the wearer a high degree of both ventilation and visibility cheap imitations can become unbearably hot and stifling after very short periods of wear, but the lightweight and durable fabrics used in the construction process ensure otherwise! With its snow-white body and oversized beak on the large headpiece, this pelican mascot costume is bound to turn a good few heads. €˜Wing-style arms and banded yellow legs, along with big cartoonish eyes, complete the look and make it perfectly friendly. Available at very competitive rates for short-term rental, this isn't a costume anyone can ignore!

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