Cardinal Mascot Costume (Rental)

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Cardinal Bird Mascot costume includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size.  Rental $95.00 Security $300.00 Greet the day with a beautiful red cardinal mascot costume! The bird, known across the world for its beauty and song, is a great choice for a mascot, for obvious reasons but you're not likely to find a better cardinal mascot suit out there, indeed. No matter your needs a promotional event, a sporting occasion, a theatrical production, or something else entirely rest assured that we've got you covered with this premium-quality mascot costume. As with all the professional-grade mascot suits offered by Fantasy Costumes, this suit is made with craftsmanship and care; its designed with the wearers comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use first and foremost in mind. One size fits most adults, so there's plenty of room; the fluffy, plush body has a relaxed jumpsuit-style cut that allows for a wide range of motion, with separate hands and feet, which make getting dressed and undressed again a breeze. There's no risk of overheating unfortunately, cheap imitations tend to become unbearably hot and stifling for the wearer after comparatively short periods of time but you also wont have to worry about potentially embarrassing rips or awkward transparency, due to the lightweight and durable fabrics used. The large over-the-head mask, meanwhile, offers plenty of visibility and ventilation great for those hot days! With its beautiful red and black color scheme, this costume is certainly a sight to behold! Its softly, sumptuously textured body make it a delight to touch and see, and its wing-style arms and dark brown feet make it highly accurate, as does the large headpiece. Available for rental at competitive rates, you're sure to make an impression no matter the situation!

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