Donkey Mascot Costume (Rental)

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Donkey Mascot costume includes : Over-the-head mask, gray body, hands and feet - 1 size. Perfect for the Democratic Party.Rental Price: $95.00Security Deposit: $300.00  The humble donkey, from €˜Winnie the Pooh to €˜Shrek, is loved by many a movie fan in its pop culture representations, as well as being an unofficial symbol of the Democratic Party making it a perfect choice for a mascot costume! No farmyard ensemble would be complete without one, so no matter what your needs are for instance, you may be planning a mascot appearance for a sporting occasion, a promotional event, a theatrical production or something completely different weve got you covered. As with all the professional-grade mascot suits offered by Fantasy Costumes, this mascot costume is designed with the wearers comfort, ease of use and freedom of movement first and foremost in mind. Comfortably padded and cozy, it boasts a relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style body with separate hands and feet that allow for a wide range of motion and make it easy to put on and take off. The large over-the-head mask provides plenty of ventilation and visibility two things that, with our years of experience and expertise in the costuming industry, we know you cant go without! The lightweight fabrics used in the construction of this suit are also highly durable, so theres no need to be concerned about the risk of potentially embarrassing rips or awkward transparency but the suit also wont become unbearably hot and stuffy after comparatively short periods of wear, as is often unfortunately the case with cheap imitations. The attractive pale gray tone of the costume body is faithful to the true coloring of the donkey, while black hands and feet make for charming €˜hooves. The headpiece, with a white muzzle that features black nostrils and an open mouth, floppy ears and a black puff of €˜mane, is super-cute, too. Available at competitive rates for short-term rental, this donkey mascot suit is a great option for any event!