Panda Mascot Costume (Rental)

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Happy Panda Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One Size.  Rental $95.00  Security $300.00 This happy panda is a friendly little guy! As a critically endangered species with a unique diet of bamboo, these black and white Asian mammals are an obvious choice for a mascot. Of course, that just means you'll find a lot of different panda costumes out there but the difference is that this is one of the best-quality products on todays saturated market, made with craftsmanship and care. So no matter your plans, you're sure to turn heads with this premium-quality mascot costume! All the professional-grade mascot suits sold by Fantasy Costumes are constructed with a single design philosophy in mind the wearers comfort, ease of wear and freedom of movement are paramount. The panda costume is definitely no exception. Separate hands and feet allow the wearer a wide range of movement, and make this suit a breeze to put on and take off; so too does the relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style yet pleasantly plush body. Made from fabrics that are both lightweight and highly durable, there's no risk of overheating, the suit becoming overly hot and stuffy after very short periods of wear as is unfortunately common with cheap imitations but on the other end of the scale, any concern about potentially embarrassing rips or awkward transparency is no longer necessary. Also, the large over-the-head mask allows the wearer all the ventilation and visibility they'll need just another plus point for this top-quality costume. With a beautifully textured, sumptuously soft body that's a delight to touch and see, this friendly-looking costume is sure to get plenty of attention from kids and adults alike. Large cartoon eyes and a smiling face add just a touch of humor, too. Available for rental at competitive rates, this is a mascot costume that'll make a splash!  

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