Parrot Mascot Costume Green (Rental)

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Green Parrot Mascot costume includes Over the head mask, green and yellow body, feet and leggings. One size. Rental Price $95.00 Security Deposit $300.00  Polly want a cracker? Of course she does and with this friendly, approachable mascot costume, everyone will be willing to chip in! Not only are they great pets (especially for pirates), parrots are also a wonderful choice for a mascot; the difference here is that this premium-quality mascot suit is better than practically any other youll find on the market. A sporting occasion, a promotional event, a theatrical production rest assured it will fulfill and surpass your needs, no matter what they are. Like all the professional-grade mascot suits sold by Fantasy Costumes, this suit is constructed with comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use first and foremost in mind. And it does just that: the relaxed-fit jumpsuit-style body, in a soft plush texture, allows for a wide range of motion, while detached hands and feet make getting dressed and undressed as easy as anything. A large over-the-head mask provides plenty of ventilation and visibility, which are vital to the successful wearing of a mascot costume. The suit itself is made from highly technical fabrics that are lightweight but also have great durability, so the issue of the costume becoming unbearably hot and stuffy after short periods of wear (as is common with cheap imitations) will no longer trouble you, but theres also no need to worry about the potential for embarrassing rips or awkward transparency its a win-win situation! With its beautiful deep-green and sunshine-yellow color scheme, this mascot suit is subtly striking and definitely eye-catching. The realistic headpiece, faithful to the classic image of the green parrot, is just the cherry on top! Available for short-term rental a steadily growing market and a popular option for one-time events this is a costume thats perfectly suited to any occasion you can think of.