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There is nothing like that perfect costume that will make everybody take notice of you. But even the best costumes out there sometimes need a special touch that you can't easily achieve on your own, such as pointy ears or a particularly gross wound. Whatever you're looking for, our line of Woochie prosthetics can help you complete your awesome costume. Woochie is one of the leaders in prosthetics make-up, and our stock shows why!

If you're playing Mr. Spock, an elf or a troll, it just won't do to show normal human ears. Pick up a pair of special pointed ears to give your character a more authentic look. We have other unusual body parts as well. If you're playing The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, an alien or a werewolf, you need the right kind of non-human nose. But we also have plenty of assorted human noses if you want to portray a character whose nose is different than yours! Then there are Pinocchio noses - not quite human and not quite non-human - if you have trouble telling the truth. Devils, imps and Darth Maul all require horns. And, of course, no prosthetic line-up would be complete without a Frankenstein forehead.

Halloween is often about being as grotesque as possible, and we have all sorts of prosthetic wounds that will gross out anyone you run into. Stab wounds? Zombie decay? Deep slash marks for your face or body? We have them all and more! Recreating the worst wounds imaginable, including werewolf bites and exposed brains, is possible using some of our Woochie prosthetics.

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