Kangaroo Joey Mascot Costume (Rental)


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Kangaroo Joey Mascot includes Over the head mask with hat, body with striped shirt, hands and feet. One size. Rental Price $95.00 Security Deposit $300.00  As an unofficial national symbol of its home country Australia, appearing as an emblem on its coat of arms and some of the nation's currency, the kangaroo is instantly recognizable shorthand for Australian pride the world over. So whether you're looking for a mascot costume for sporting events, dressing-up parties, theatre productions or something else entirely, rest assured we've got you covered with this high-quality mascot suit. As with all of Fantasy Costumes mascot costumes, this is one of the best products you'll find on the market today, designed with the wearers ease of use and freedom of movement first and foremost in mind. The fluffy, plush brown body has a relaxed jumpsuit style, making it suitable for any number of physical activities because what's the point in a mascot suit if you cant dance, right? This is especially important with the kangaroo mascot costume, as the animal is famed for its jumping skills! Made from fabrics of the highest quality, this suit means no worries about embarrassing rips or awkward transparency, and unlike cheaper imitations its both highly durable and lightweight, avoiding the issue of costumes becoming unbearably hot and stuffy after short periods of wear. One size fits all, so its plenty roomy. The over-the-head mask offers the wearer both ventilation and visibility, and has a cartoonish kid-friendly look, emphasized by the fun, casual striped t-shirt, while separate hands and feet make getting into and out of this costume a breeze. With rental an option that's steadily growing in popularity, those who want a mascot suit to fulfil short-term needs can access premium-quality costumes like this one with ease, as well as permanent buyers; why not take the opportunity?

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