Squirrel Mascot Costume Grey (Rental)

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Squirrel Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size. Rental Price $95.00Security Deposit $300.00  Squirrels are really very underrated as a mascot option; with their undeniably adorable look, yet slightly goofy long, bushy tails and chubby cheeks, they combine the best of both worlds a touch of humor and just a little cuteness! Climbing trees, burying acorns and scampering about is all in a days work for them so you'll want a squirrel mascot suit that lets you do just that! Whether you're planning a mascot appearance for sporting occasions, promotional events, theatrical productions or something else entirely, rest assured we've got you covered with this premium-quality mascot costume. Like all the professional-grade mascot suits offered by Fantasy Costumes, this costume is constructed with the wearers comfort, ease of use and freedom of movement first and foremost in mind. Featuring a relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style body, its designed to allow for the widest range of motion possible with our years of experience and expertise in the costuming industry, we know that that's one of the most important factors to take into consideration when you're buying a mascot suit! Separate hands and feet make it a breeze to put on and take off, while the large over-the-head mask provides the wearer with plenty of visibility and ventilation. Made from fabrics that are both lightweight and durable, this costume wont overheat and become unbearably hot and stuffy after comparatively short periods of wear unlike cheap imitations but also wont pose any risk of embarrassing rips or awkward transparency. Its a win-win! With an adorable bi-colored body in smooth, soft gray and fawn-brown, you can be sure of drawing plenty of attention in this subtly striking costume, whose classic bushy tail adheres faithfully to the true image of the squirrel The chubby cheeks and friendly face of the oversized headpiece make this mascot suit fun for all the family, while adorable ears and cartoonish eyes are just the cherry on top! Available for rental at competitive rates, this is a mascot costume that's sure to delight on any short-term occasion.

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