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Peggy Sue Wig Black; Shoulder length wig Black pageboy with bangs. One size. Made famous by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison and Norman Petty the character of Peggy Sue has become a bit of a household name. Since the songs release in 1957, Peggy Sues fictional persona came into the spotlight and it wasn't long before she became a desirable female character. Woman wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her! She may not have been an actual person, but the song was so well-received and so loved that Peggy Sue started to receive attention all on her own and thanks to this Black Peggy Sue wig you too can get a slice of the action. Peggy Sue is a glamorous and confident character, perfect for channeling at Halloween or at a friends fancy dress party. It would even work for a whole host of other characters, so don't let us limit your imagination! We adore this wig thanks to its versatile shoulder-length styling. It has been designed with bangs for the full effect and cut in a fashionable way with gentle flicks at the ends. The sleek, smooth, desirable tresses are perfect for impersonating many different famous famous not just the iconic Peggy Sue. Why not go as your favorite movie star or pop star? You could even go as Disney's popular Snow White - with skin as white as snow and hair black like the night all you'd have to do is add a dress fit for a princess. Of course it also depends on how you see Peggy Sue - perhaps you envision her as a blonde or brunette, in which case we've got you covered with our range of Peggy Sue wigs in various colors. Whatever your occasion, a wig from us here at Fantasy Costumes is sure to make it unforgettable. We value quality as well as aesthetic design so a wig from us will be durable as well as super stylish.