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Peggy Sue Wig Blonde; Shoulder length Blonde pageboy with bangs. One size. Available in various colors. Perhaps you imagine the iconic Peggy Sue from the song by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison and Norman Petty as a blushing blonde bombshell. The much-loved 1957 song was highly-ranked as one of the best songs of all time thanks to its reception at the time, and it wasnt long before Peggy Sue became a bit of a fictional superstar. Whether you think she is blonde or brunette we have two beautiful wigs for you to choose from in order for you to bring her character to life in whatever way you see fit. Oozing with glamour and sex appeal, this blonde wig will become a treasured part of your fancy dress collection, guaranteed to be worn again and again. There is no end to the list of famous famous and iconic characters you could bring to life if youd rather leave Peggy Sue in the past. This wig features beautiful soft blonde hair that has been cut to shoulder length with gentle flicks at the ends for added drama. There are a hundred ways you could wear this wig, enough for you to be a different girl at every party you attend. Maybe you have a specific person in mind, or maybe you just want to try out something different and look a little bit glamorous at your best friends bachelorette party! Whatever the reason or occasion, this beautiful wig is guaranteed to be adored. It has been styled as if its hot off the runway, so youll definitely have the fanciest barnet in the room. We pride ourselves here at Fantasy Costumes on sourcing only the finest quality wigs, masks and costumes for the fancy dress market. Unlike other wigs on the market we value durability as much as style, so we can assure you that this wig will sit comfortably against your hairline. It even offers a realistic, lifelike finish so that you will have no trouble staying in character.