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Peggy Sue Wig Brown; Shoulder length brown pageboy with bangs. One size. Available in various colors. Immortalized by Buddy Holly, Jerry Allison and Norman Petty, Peggy Sue is an iconic and much-loved song that was released as a single way back in 1957. Highly-ranked as one of the best songs of all time, Peggy Sue became a household name and it wasn't long before she started to appear as a fully-fledged female character - glamorous and desirable. Our Brown Peggy Sue Wig is the perfect accompaniment to an old-school costume party, a 60s themed bash or even a birthday birthday or bachelorette that requires a little bit of unique sparkle. This wig has been expertly manufactured to be beautiful, stylish and durable. It will be a versatile addition to your collection because of course, there is no obligation to be Peggy Sue! There are a whole number of famous famous and characters you could recreate with this versatile brown wig. With soft brown shoulder-length hair and bangs there are a hundred ways you could use and reuse this wig. Perhaps you have a specific person in mind or maybe you just want to try something a little different for a friends costume party! Whatever the reason and whatever the occasion, there is something a little bit special about this brown wig. Maybe its the sleek way its styled or the fashionable yet gentle flick at the ends - it looks as though it was plucked straight from the pages of a vintage fashion magazine. We pride ourselves here at Fantasy Costumes on sourcing only the finest quality wigs, masks and costumes for the fancy dress market. Unlike other wigs on the market we value durability as much as style, so we can assure you that this wig will sit comfortably against your hairline. It even offers a realistic, lifelike finish so that you will have no trouble staying in character.