Easter Bunny Deluxe Mascot Costume


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Deluxe Easter Bunny Costume Contains Oversized mascot head and extra hood with ears, bow tie, vest, mitt & jumpsuit with attached shoe covers. One Size Fits Most.*GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL BUNNY MASCOTS. Mascot costumes of all kinds are popular the whole year round, but in the spring months, all eyes are on the Easter bunny. There are so many variants of the classic seasonal character out there that, admittedly, it can be hard to choose a mascot suit but whether youre planning on making use of your purchase for sports events, Easter egg hunts, neighborhood kids entertainments or even just dressing-up parties, you can rest assured that our deluxe Easter bunny mascot costume will fit the bill. After all, the various occasions for which one might €˜suit up all have one thing in common theyre made that little bit better for kids and grown-ups alike when a cute, goofy mascot is thrown into the mix! Featuring a soft, white, fluffy body, this costume like all of our products is made with the wearers comfort and ease of use in mind; aesthetics and functionality hold an equally dear position in Fantasy Costumes philosophy, after all. A jumpsuit-style design for the main body of the suit, with attached over-the-shoe foot covers and separate mitts, makes it a breeze to put on and take off, while the oversized head allows for visibility and ventilation at once. The costume also features an extra open-faced hood option that can be swapped out for the headpiece, with the same classic pink-lined ears (it wouldnt be an Easter bunny without them, would it?!) a much more sociable alternative. Most appealing, though, are the delicately patterned yellow vest and matching bow tie that come attached to the body of the suit its such a lively, attractive color, and truly fitting for the freshest, newest season of the year when we celebrate the return of sunshine from the deep dark winter.

  • Mascot Head, Extra Hood with Ears, Bow Tie, Vest, Mitts, Jumpsuit with Shoe Covers.

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