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Alice Bunny Includes Over-the-head mask, white pants, hands , feet, blue jacket with vest and ascot. One Size. Great for Easter! Rental Price: $150.00 Security Deposit: $400.00 Please call us 1-773-777-0222 for more information. The White Rabbit of €˜Alice in Wonderland is an enduringly popular and hilarious character, who has been immortalized in everything from the Sixties psychedelic music movement to productions by the English Royal Ballet; its no wonder that he's one of the most sought-after costume options for events such as cosplay conventions and theatre performances, as well as more mundane occasions, from kids parties and Halloween gatherings to Easter egg hunts and any other celebrations you can conceive of. If you're having the same thoughts, look no further! This costume is made with the wearers comfort and ease of use in mind, as with all the products we sell, and features a cozy jumpsuit-style design that's a breeze to get in and out of (because who wants to spend precious time struggling with a fiddly suit?); the over-the-head mask has a classic look with large wide-spaced eyes, which allows for plenty of ventilation and visibility, and is separate from the body, featuring its own sturdy, attached bunny ears lined in an adorable pink tone. Lightweight and comfortable, the materials used ensure that the costume wont become unbearably stuffy after comparatively short periods of wear, unlike other, cheaper imitations; the suits detached mitten-style hands also give it a great advantage in functionality over all-in-one designs. With a highly attractive color palette the soft, velvety gray-blue of the jacket looks beautiful against the creamy white hue of the suits fluffy, sumptuously textured body, while the muted tones of the black vest and the ascot contribute to an air of Victorian-era primness and propriety this is an ideal rental option for anyone whos ever harbored a secret (or not-so-secret!) dream of visiting Alice in Wonderlands mad world.

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