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Easter Bunny Mascot complete with plush body with pink belly plush head with pink trim and glove and foot coverings. Carrot Not Included. Rental Price $95.00Security Deposit $300.00 Call To Rent. For More Information please see our main costume rental information page.  Thumper, one of the most enduringly popular bunny rabbit characters of all time, is brought to life in this instantly recognizable white mascot suit. Whether you're looking for a €˜real-life, meeting-Thumper experience that will bring joy and delight to many a child at kids parties, just a perennial favorite figure that's sure to inspire fond nostalgia at sports events and costume parties, or something else entirely, this premium-quality Fantasy Costumes suit is just the trick. Like all our mascot costumes, our priority first and foremost is to ensure the wearers freedom of movement and ease of use; lightweight and durable, this suits fabrics are intended to keep the temperature balanced, neither too hot (a common problem with cheaper imitations of high-quality costumes, which can grow unbearably stuffy after comparatively short periods of use) nor too cold, and any risk of embarrassing rips or awkward transparency is a thing of the past. The large, friendly-looking over-the-head mask, while stuffed, provides its wearer with good visibility as well as ventilation, making this an ideal costume for events where social interaction is a focus (such as kids entertainments) and the plush white jumpsuit-style body is delightfully soft, sumptuously textured and comfortable, with one size fitting most adults. For extra convenience, the mitt-style hands and over-the-shoe foot covers, which come with attached spats, are separate from the suit, making putting it on and taking it off a breeze. Adorably chubby cheeks, a sweet classically buck-toothed smile, pink-lined bunny ears and a cute white chest top off the whole costume available for rental to fulfil your short-term needs, we think you'd be hard-pressed to find a better Thumper option anywhere!  

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