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Shop Zombie Costumes for Children

The perfect way to spook your friends and family this Halloween is with our Zombie Costumes, a range of perfectly put together outfits that will convince your friends and family you are the newest member of The Walking Dead. A Zombie outfit is a sure-fire why to impress at a party over Halloween and thanks to our range of options you can choose the one that makes you feel the most spooked! Here at Fantasy Costumes we pride ourselves on offering quality as well as style, so you can rely on our zombie costumes for their durability as well as their scare-factor. Whether you’re looking for the perfect Halloween zombie or you want to add this timeless character to your growing collection you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Our Dark Zombie Costume Child is a classic zombie outfit with a tattered shirt and over-shirt. With the right pants and the right makeup, this dark green Zombie look can be brought to life — or should we say death? Of course, there are tons of other zombies you could bring back from the dead — how about an old ship captain? Our Ghost Ship Pirate Costumes comes complete with a detachable chest piece and a half-mask, as well as a waist tie, boot covers and pants. Choose from a range of different sizes to ensure your child is totally comfortable and he’ll be the scariest zombie at the party without a doubt!

If its even more blood and guts you want, then our Zombie Doctor Costume for Child is definitely the right choice. With blood splatters and a doctors white coat covered in blood, there is no scarier way to enter a Halloween party or knock on your neighbors door and ask, “trick or treat?”

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