Wig Rag Doll Girl


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Both truly terrifying or super cute depending on your preference, there are so many ways to bring our Rag Doll Girl Wig to life. We love the authentic depiction of a life-size rag doll that this wig perfectly embodies, especially if it’s Halloween and you’ve got a pretty neat idea for a costume. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to bring a Tim Burton character to life? Maybe you are planning on adding a creepy stitched-on smile using eye-liner or face-paint to create your own spooky character. Whatever the occasion, this professional-grade wig will suit both casual and corporate or professional venues and events. We love it for Halloween, but it’s equally effective at themed parties, birthdays and bachelorette parties! The wig itself benefits from a high-quality construction, manufactured using fine wig fibres to create an authentic finish. The rag doll hair is crafted of traditional red yarn and has been styled into pig tails to ensure you stay fully in character. Perfect for a Raggedy Ann costume, this wig will surely become a much-love addition to any fancy dress collection. Don’t forget to add the little details, such as oversized eyelashes and blush pink cheeks in order to create that authentic doll-look. You could even pair it with one of our lifelike costumes to complete the ensemble. By adding fake blood and stitched on limbs you’ve got a scary costume that can be reenacted every Halloween. It’s sure to be a hit with everyone in the family, and can even be used to bring your favourite cartoon or Disney characters to life. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to our wigs, masks and costumes. With such a wide collection of pieces to choose from we are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.