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WIG FLOWING WHITE; Shoulder length, loose curl white wig with no bang. Adult UNISEX. There are so many costumes you could bring to life with our characterful White Flowing Wig! Not only does it look fantastic, it is durable and versatile too. From villains to heroes there is no end to the list of famous famous you could represent with this white flowing wig. Here at Fantasy Costumes we are committed to bringing you only the highest-quality masks, costumes and wigs for your events and occasions. Thats why we dont just focus on aesthetics at the expense of durability. We make sure our pieces are exceptionally well-made so that you can have a long-lasting addition to your fancy dress collection. That way, whether its Halloween or a themed wedding you can whip out this white flowing wig and adapt it to suit the character you want to portray! We are particularly taken with the realistic finish of this white wig. Almost fluorescent in its colour, the white wig is ideal for characters such as Cruella De Vil or the White Witch. You could even bring your favourite vampire to life or perhaps you are a fan of anime and know of a girl youd love to recreate in your own way! Whatever it is, if its authentic white hair youre looking for to complete your outfit then this is just the wig you need. Our experts have ensured it is made using fine-quality wig fibers for a realistic look that will ensure you are the centre of attention! This wig is a unisex style, so if you have a man in mind that you need shoulder-length white hair to be then this is your best bet! It offers long flowing white hair that reaches the shoulders. It has been styled with loose curls for added bounce and drama and in this instance does not feature any bangs.

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