Grey Flowing Wig


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WIG FLOWING GREY; Shoulder length, loose curl grey wig with no bang. Adult Male or Female. There is no shortage of characters you could bring to life with a little attitude and our Grey Flowing Wig. In fact, it doesn't even matter whether you are male or female seeing as this wig is a unisex style and can be used for both male and female characters. For example, it would perfectly suit a Halloween or themed party if you wanted to go as Gandalf, Dumbledore or Merlin but it would be equally impressive as Galadriel from Lord of the Rings or Storm from X-MEN. No matter who the character, you could add a generous helping of style to your ensemble if you add this statement grey wig. It not only looks great but has been crafted with durability in mind so you can enjoy it again and again no matter what the occasion. If Harry Potter is your thing, have you ever thought of going as Professor McGonagall? You could even use it for a character like Luna Lovegood by just adding some Raven claw school robes and a witches hat. There are so many famous faces you could impersonate too, your only limit is your imagination. The wig has been cut to just below shoulder length and features soft curls and a center parting. It is so realistic that your party guests will have to do a double-take. This particular wig has been cut without bangs - only those statement loose curls. It is an adult size and offers a gentle shine that looks as though its been taken straight out of a fashion magazine. Do you have a favorite character from Monster High that this wig would be suitable for? Maybe you have your own ideas in mind and just need some grey tresses to complete the look. We are confident that our grey flowing wig will be a valuable addition to your collection.