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So you've got the perfect costume, and you've got the right wig. What's next? Why, the ideal accessories, of course! When it comes to TV and movie characters, there's no limit to what kinds of accessories you can find in our selection.

Batman is never without a wide array of tech gadgets to assist him in his never-ending fight against crime. We have Batarangs for flinging at those dastardly villains, the Bathook for scaling tall buildings and the trusty utility belt for anything else Batman might need in the course of an eventful night. His rogues' gallery isn't left out either; we have Harley Quinn's inflatable bat, and unique, accurate canes for many of Batman's other top adversaries. We've got accessories for many other DC Comics' characters, including Wonder Woman's bullet-resistant bracelets and The Green Hornet's face mask. If Marvel is more your style, we've got Spiderman's gloves and Captain America's shield, and accessories for many other characters.

In addition to our superhero offerings, we've got loads of accessories for Star Wars costumes, including the classic Princess Leia hairstyle from Episode IV. If you're looking for weapons, we have lightsabers for aspiring Jedi Knights, jet packs for bounty hunter wannabes and blasters for good guys and bad guys alike. Or, if you'd prefer to channel your inner Indiana Jones, be sure to get his famous whip.

We also have everything for the latest crop of Hogwarts students, from wands and hats to Harry's scarf and glasses. We even have an owl prop for Harry's pet, Hedwig.

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