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Surfer Dude Wig Black; Black Shaggy boy's cut. One Size. From a cool surfer dude on the white sandy beaches of Australia to a gothic punk rock star about to head on stage for a heavy metal concert, there is a whole host of characters you could bring to life with a little help from our Black Surfer Dude Wig. Maybe Marilyn Manson is a favorite of yours, or perhaps you're heading to an Ozzy Osbourne party and need to make an extra effort in order to stand out. Because of this popular hairstyle there are so many famous famous, both real and fictional, that you could represent at your next themed party or event. All you have to do is add the costume and you'll be the talking point of the party in no time! If anything is going to be a conversation starter, its the fear in your relatives eyes when they question whether you've cut and dyed your hair to make a statement! We offer only the highest quality costumes, masks and wigs here at Fantasy Costumes, which is why we are confident that no matter what your occasion you'll be able to find something to suit your party. This particular surfer dude wig is not only full of character but extremely well made too, manufactured using only the finest quality wig fibers to ensure a lifelike and authentic finish. It is durable too, so you can rest assured that the wig you purchase from us will stand the test of time and become a valued part of your collection. It will sit against your hairline and look incredibly lifelike without being restrictive, so you can stay in character for the whole duration of your party. Our popular surfer dude wig offers sleek black hair styled flat with a shaggy boys cut that is common in punk rock. It comes in one size and we are confident it will fit most adults.