Black Colonial Lady Wig


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Colonial Lady wig can also be used for Mrs. Clause. Colonial Wig is a Bun on top, ringlets on side .Color : BLACK Standard size. Fits most Adults Whether you want to channel a jolly Mrs. Clause or an old-fashioned but very worldly Colonial woman weve got you covered thanks to our Black Colonial Lady Wig. You wouldnt think that those two things could go hand-in-hand, but thanks to our versatile and extremely high-quality pieces this wig can be used again and again no matter who the character. The wig offers an excellent finish with beautiful, lifelike curls and a dark black colour. Rich in texture as well as colour, this wig would suit any skin colour and still emit all the style and grace youd expect from a lady of this era. Perhaps youre looking for the finishing touches for your Mrs. Clause ensemble and you want to have the whole family fooled this Christmas! Who are we to stop you? This wig will certainly add a much-needed dose of authenticity to the outfit. All youd have to do is pair it with a bright red suit and a jolly smile and youd have a costume that you could wear with pride to the office Christmas party! You could even just wear it around family and deliver the kids presents with Santa Clause himself. We have plenty of Santa wig and beard sets available so that you can both stay in character! Alternatively, thanksgiving is a perfect time to try out an old-fashioned or vintage look. Pair it with elegant dress or even peasant dress for a realistic take on Colonial times. You could even use this versatile wig for a Disney-themed party for a princess or evil queen costume! Whatever your fancy dress needs weve got something to suit you and your party. This high-quality piece is sure to become a treasured part of your collection for years to come.

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