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Men's Character Wig Black; Short man's cut wig. Adult size. If you've got a character in mind and you need short black hair to complete the look, why not try our Black Men's Character Wig and add a valuable piece to your fancy dress collection? It is not only perfect for characters like Harry Potter and Horrid Henry, it is also a great way to turn your simple zombie or Frankenstein costume into something iconic. Why use your own hair when you could surprise your friends and family with a whole new look? Not only will it help you to stay in character it will also be used again and again thanks to how versatile it is. Maybe you want to be Harry Potter this year and Severus Snape next year. With something as changeable as this your imagination is the only limit. This wig offers a high-quality construction since we only use the finest wig fibers to create realistic and hardwearing pieces. This wig has been manufactured by a team of experts with a professional finish that will sit easily against your hairline. In fact, its so lifelike that people may need to do a double-take when they see you. You might want to dye your eyebrows for the party because blonde ones might give you away - but other than that all you'd have to do is add some glasses or fangs and fake blood. Nerdy vampires are all the rage at the moment so why not dress in your best nerd attire and add some crooked teeth for the winning shot? The wig has been designed in one size, which means it will fit most adults without a problem. It is a character wig with a men's haircut and the ideal way to make a statement at your upcoming Halloween or fancy dress party.

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