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Heading to a themed party or fancy updating your fancy dress costume collection? Either way you can’t put a foot wrong with our Black Caesar Wig. Not only is it ideal for Roman themes it is also perfect for reenacting Jesus Christ Superstar or bringing your favorite character to life. Caesar is a character from history who isn’t going anywhere - so this will make a timeless addition to your collection, one that you’re bound to wear again and again. It is sure to make an appearance at more than one party. Here at Fantasy Costumes we pride ourselves on producing high-quality wigs, costumes and masks that will not only look stylish and realistic but that are well-made too. The wigs we produce have been crafted using high-quality wig fibers and finished to an exceptional, professional standard. Whether you need the wig for professional or social purposes it is authentic enough to be taken seriously no matter what the event. This professional wig has been styled to be recognizable as Caesar, but if you have another character in mind that you think it’ll be perfect for then the only limit is your imagination! This fantastic wig boasts a short men’s cut in black hair and comes in one adult size. That simply means that we believe this size will fit most adults comfortably. Whilst we are confident our wig is fantastic to look it, we know that it will also sit well and be worn with ease. It is so lifelike that you’ll have to really look hard to spot where the wig starts! It will sit effortlessly against your existing hairline without restricting you in the slightest. So all you have to worry about is staying in character for the duration of your party or special occasion.