Santa Wig & Beard Nylon


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Santa Wig and beard is made of a Synthetic fiber, long wavy strands. Best Value. Ho ho ho! It just wouldnt be Christmas without our Nylon Santa Wig & Beard! Not just a great party piece but an essential part of the festive magic, you could have the kids and grown-ups fooled by this realistic wig and beard set. Did you know that Santa sends his helpers all over the world to make sure little children are behaving and staying off the naughty list? With this authentic-looking set you too can fool your children into good behaviour! The set would be a wonderful addition to your family Christmas or indeed a must-have fancy dress piece for the avid collector. Your possibilities are endless of course - have you thought about Dumbledore, Gandalf or Merlin? Whoever you decide to be, just be sure to stay in character for the duration of the event so that your guests and admirers never suspect a thing. We love this beautiful nylon set. It features a wig and a beard to ensure you are fully prepared and is expertly crafted using high-quality synthetic fiber. The long, wavy strands are full of character and wonderfully life-like. This is fantastic value as weve ensured it is durable as well as realistic. You can store it easily and enjoy it year after year knowing that youve added a vital piece of magic to your Christmas celebrations. We can just imagine the looks on your children's faces as you present them with their gifts wearing our Santa wig and beard and a bright red suit. All you have to do is add a smile and a, €œHo ho ho!€, and maybe a few pats of your belly. They will never suspect that youre not the man himself, and thanks to the high-quality construction this set will be comfortable to wear for the duration of your celebration.