Chicken Mascot Yellow Costume (Rental)

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Yellow Chicken Mascot includes Over the head mask, yellow body, feet and leggings. One size. Rental Price $95.00Security Deposit $300.00  You cant go wrong with a funky yellow chicken mascot. Perfect for Easter celebrations, you're not just limited to the springtime; no matter the occasion, whether its a promotional event, a sporting competition, a theatrical production or something else entirely, rest assured we've got you covered with this premium-quality mascot costume. You'll be turning heads and grabbing all the attention with this eye-catching, slightly goofy yellow chicken mascot suit. All the professional-grade mascot suits offered by Fantasy Costumes among the best on todays crowded market are crafted with care and precision, keeping the wearers comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use first and foremost in mind. The relaxed-fit, jumpsuit-style body is soft and exceptionally cozy, allowing for a wide range of motion, while the costumes separate hands and feet make getting dressed and undressed a breeze. The fabrics used in the construction of this product are both lightweight and highly durable; you wont run into the often-encountered problem of overheating, as is common with cheap imitations that become unbearably hot and stuffy after comparatively short periods of wear, but there's also no need for concern about embarrassing rips or awkward transparency. A large over-the-head mask allows for plenty of ventilation and visibility, too. With its eye-catching, buttercup-yellow body that perfectly evokes spring sunshine, complete with bright red detailing at the eyes, beak and head and chin wattles, this mascot costume is positively summery! Banded legs and wing-style arms, plus an oversized yet accurately designed headpiece, complete the look, striking a perfect balance between silliness and charm. Available for short-term rental at very competitive rates, you'd be clucking mad to pass this one up!

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