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Pink Rabbit Mascot includes Over the head mask, body with hands and feet. One size. Purchase $1275.00SPECIAL ORDER allow 3-4 weeks to receive the order. Rental $95.00 Security Deposit $300.00 For Rental Call There are a lot of mascot costumes out there which are perfectly functional and reasonably attractive, yet they lack that special something that €˜je ne sais quoi which makes them truly excellent, attracting attention among a sea of other options. This beautiful pink mascot suit is one of those rare costumes that stands head and shoulders above its competitors; whether you're planning a sports event, an Easter egg hunt, a school play or any other special occasion you can conceive of, its gentle, pale shell-pink hue draws the eye and fits perfectly with the traditional pastel tones of springtime. Like all our mascot suits, this costume is designed first and foremost with freedom of movement and ease of use in mind; the casual, comfortable jumpsuit-style body offers a relaxed, roomy fit for practically any wearer, since one size fits most adults, and is both durable and breathable, made from the highest possible quality of fabrics. Unlike other, cheaper imitations, there's no risk of running too hot after comparatively short periods of time, and the craftsmanship we invest in the making of every suit means that the time for concern over embarrassing rips or awkward transparency is long past. The large over-the-head mask has a friendly, open face with large cartoonish eyes and classic bunny rabbit buck teeth, meaning that this is an ideal costume for children's events, but also allowing for visibility and ventilation on the part of the wearer. Finally, its detached hands and over-the-shoe foot covers make getting in and out of the suit a breeze. Rental is an option that's steadily increasing in popularity for mascot suits, and this one is no exception; like many of our other rabbit mascots, this one is available at very competitive rates for short-term commitments, as well as for permanent purchase.