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Ben Nye Liquid Latex is what professional makeup artists use to create realistic, special effects.

The secret of successful Hollywood makeup pros for decades, it's used so often you've likely seen it hundreds of times on the big screen. Now, you can have the same high quality, professional liquid skin makeup used in Hollywood.

What you can do with liquid latex

You can use Ben Nye's liquid latex for a variety of skin effects and for total body coverage. It makes an excellent makeup for creating natural aged skin. If you have a character who has been injured in a fire, this is the perfect stage makeup. The latex can be used to form blisters and wounds from burns. It's also excellent to have in your makeup kit for sealing nose and scar wax. But you really have no limits. One of the best uses of liquid latex is for creating custom facial prosthetics. It can be easily molded into noses, ears or whatever type of costume appliance you need. For this reason, it's excellent to have on hand at all times. And we stock large sizes so you have it ready in bulk.

You can use liquid latex to cover your actor or cosplayer and paint the latex after it has dried. This can be used to create skin tight clothing effects or "nude" characters. Combine liquid latex with our other makeup products to see what kind of creative effects you can make.

Number of uses per ounce

You should reasonably expect to get somewhere around 12 applications per ounce of Ben Nye Liquid Latex. Now obviously this will depend on how you're using it. If you're making a lot of prosthetics from molds or body painting, you will get less uses than using it for sealing up existing appliances.

Sizes we carry and price per ounce of liquid latex

We stock 16 ounce and 32 ounce bottles of Ben Nye's liquid latex.