Grey Men's Character Wig


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Men's Character Wig Grey; Grey Short man's cut wig. Adult. Fancy yourself a bit of a silver fox? Then our Grey Mens Character Wig is the perfect costume for you! Are you going grey and want to make light of the situation at a big birthday bash? Perhaps you dont have enough greys to mimic your favourite pop star or Hollywood actor? Maybe its a themed party and you need a head of grey hair to complete your outfit. Whatever your reasoning were not here to judge - all we do is offer high-quality wigs to ensure you are totally in character for your event! This grey mens wig is a favourite of ours, purely because it has been styled so well that it looks realistic. Its sure to have all your friends and family fooled! The wig itself boasts an extremely high-quality construction, manufacturing using fine wig fibers to ensure an authentic finish. It is not only aesthetically stylish but durable too, so you can rest assured that when you buy your wig from Fantasy Costumes you are buying the best on the market. It will become a valued and much-loved addition to your adult fancy dress collection, especially at Halloween and themed events. The wig will sit perfectly against your hairline looking like youve gone grey overnight. It is snug and comfortable and not restrictive in any way, and even includes short sideburns to ensure you are totally in character. This mens character wig is perfect for bringing to life so many different famous famous. It has been cut with a short hairstyle and is grey all over. It comes in one size, and we believe this size will fit most adults easily and comfortably. Affordable and timeless, there is no end to the list of names you could recreate with our grey mens character wig.