Dorothy Child Wig


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Hold up guys, we’re not in Kansas anymore! Or are we? With our high-quality, professional-grade Dorothy wig you may not be able to tell the difference. This gorgeous wig boasts an authentic finish that is sure to stand the test of time, and is the perfect accompaniment to your Dorothy wig. Whether it’s a Disney theme or simply a costume party that requires a specific character you’ll be the best dressed in this charming wig. It looks just like your favorite character, and would be ideal for finishing off your ensemble. We even love it for Halloween or for themed weddings and corporate events! There is no occasion that wouldn’t suit a Dorothy wig. And the best news is that it fits both adults and children, so no matter what age you are you can relive your favorite childhood memories by recreating the most famous scenes. The wig comes in one size, and is an official licensed Dorothy wig. The wig itself benefits from a high-quality construction, manufacture using only fine-quality wig fibers for a realistic finish that will have everyone fooled. The traditional staying is a winner here - with long braided pigtails on either side and coordinating blue and white bows holding the braids in place. As you know Dorothy’s outfit is also blue and white, so this wig is great for staying true to her character. We pride ourselves, here at Fantasy Costumes, on only carrying the highest quality wigs, masks and costumes. So you can rest assured that whilst this wig is cool and stylish in appearance, it is also well-made and will provide you with many happy party memories as you wear it again and again. It sits comfortably against your existing hairline and is snug without being restrictive.