Dog/Bear Rubber Nose W/ Band


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Complete your dog or bear costume with this one-size-fits-all rubber nose. This nose provides an easy way to take your dog or bear costume to the next level by adding an additional layer of realism to whichever animal you dress as.

The nose has holes in it, making it comfortable for you to breath while wearing it, and it has imprinted whiskers on it. The string that wraps around your head will keep it from falling off your face.

If you’re dressing as a dog, be sure to stick your tongue out - just try not to lick anyone. And if you’re dressing as a bear, be sure to fill up your stomach before going into hibernation for the winter. 

We’ve got plenty of accessories for other animals as well, so be sure to check those out. 

Dog nose is a Rubber nose with elastic band. You can use this nose with the Bear costume.One size fits Adult and Children.

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